Quniana D. Futrell ’07

Quniana is a 2007 TCC graduate. She stays connected to TCC as an adjunct professor in the Division of Business, Information Technology, and Public Services on the Portsmouth Campus. She is also known as “Author Q.”, a trainer, author and speaker. She works with key groups critical to rebuilding families affected by incarceration. This mission was born from personal experience. She’s a wife and mom. She also loves to help other moms, who look well put together but are broken on the inside, change their story.

Author Q. released her first children’s book, Our Moms, in November 2015. Our Moms is a conversation-starter for parents, professionals or service providers who live or work with children of incarcerated parents.

Proficient in curriculum development, Author Q. created a program for incarcerated parents and administers the course, weekly, at a jail in Suffolk, VA. Author Q also hosts seminars nationally for teachers to gain confidence, support and resources to effectively reach the children of incarcerated parents in their classrooms. Her approach also teaches educators how to support the children’s families. She aims to live in a world where healthy parents and teachers work together to produce healthy children.

Author Q. has been featured in multiple media outlets for her work in the community. Her motto is: Change the Family, Change the World!