Mildred L. Wilson ’16

I started Tidewater Community college in 2014. Going back to school was always on my bucket list. I promised myself as soon as I raised my daughter and she became self-sufficient I was going back to school. One day I was talking to a lady that worked as a counselor at Tidewater Community college named Tuenika Wynn. She asked me what my goals were and if I was planning on returning to school. During our conversation,  she told me working in the office as a medical assistant was a good fit for me. I decided right then I was ready to go back to school. Little did I know that my TCC journey started that day.

When I told my co-workers I was enrolled at TCC, they said I was too old to be in school. Education doesn’t have an age.  I was older than many of my classmates, but I didn’t let that stop me. I was determined to see this to the end.

The classes I took prepared me for my last semester at TCC and for my medical office procedure class because everything I learned began to come together in this class. Mrs. Well class made me pay close attention to every detail from answering the phone to note taking. I also learned how to schedule patients and charting changes in a patient’s file. Little did I know the knowledge that I learned made my internship a breeze. As a result of this class, I was able to immediately apply it to a real life medical office. I am confident that I can go into any office and run it.
As my journey is coming to an end, it leaves me with great joy and sadness. Because I met some great students, as well as some caring teachers that have made my journey at TCC very easy. In a way, I hate to leave.
I have completed my goal, which was to receive a certificate and do the best I could while proving to others that education does not have age.  You can achieve anything in life by applying yourself and working hard.  I am an honor student and for that I am proud of myself.